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Friday, August 7, 2009

My Finest Moment

This is probably my finest moment in my professional art career. I was commissioned to make an illustration of a character in a book named Galen Altos, which was created by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff for his podio book Shadow Falls which can be heard @ http://shadowfalls.mevio.com

I want to bring your attention to how the moon runs into the curvature of the ceiling of the church on the left side of the drawing? Well...I wish I could say that that was completely intentional. That was a happy accident. I had no idea that the moon would would do that. I just traced around a large metal bowl and drew the moon craters. When I stood back and looked at the drawing I noticed that the curvature and the white of the ceiling formed the other side of the moon. I was so thrilled that I had accidentally done that.

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