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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BLOOD WITNESS: Illustration, Steven Emerges.

This is a scene from a book that I was commissioned to illustrate titled Blood Witness http://bloodwitness.com . You can see this drawing on Bloddwitness.com by clicking on this link http://bloodwitness.com/?page_id=164 .

The book is written by Dave Hitt http://www.davehitt.com

You can listen to the Podio-book for free @ http://bloodwitness.com/?page_id=71 .

The person emerging from the water in the illustration was a recently turned vampire that was left to die in the sun. He quickly went to the bottom of a pond to escape the sunlight. As he emerged from the pond he was extremely pissed off.

I added the water weeds and the leech on his forehead as extra effect.

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